About Marvi Designs

Marvi Designs creates artistic and unique design, all through the natural beauty of wood. 

Favoring a natural, uninhibited and earthy style, our designs are inspired by the simplest of things.  From symmetrical and non-symmetrical shapes, to designs inspired by the patterns, layers and textures of Earth, our goal is to offer funky creations with functionality in mind.

All of our products are thoughtfully designed and made by hand in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Q)  So what does MARVI mean?

A)  MARVI is slang for marvelous.  A term created, defined and driven by Los Angeles pop-culture in the 1960’s.

Used in 3 sentences ...

  1. You're so marvi!
  2. We're so marvi!
  3. Follow us @MarviDesigns

Mike and I are happy and humbled to be sharing Marvi Designs with you and we appreciate all of you being a part of our journey.  

Have a MARVI day!