Who is WE?

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May I please take a few minutes to introduce the other half of Marvi Designs?

Everyone, please meet the ridiculous, and ridiculously talented, Michael David.


When speaking about Marvi, I often speak in terms of WE, which naturally draws the question "Who is we?"  

WE is Michael and I, and I'm happy for you to be meeting him.

Michael was born in Tokyo, Japan, although he's not sure exactly when.  It's been narrowed down to two years.  Exactly which years, you ask?  I don't even know.  I've never asked and it's never mattered.

Michael grew up in West LA in the neighborhoods of Palms, Culver City and Beverlywood.  As an artistically inclined child, Michael's parents could see his genuine excitement, so they enrolled him in a weekly art class.  From drawing, to painting, to mechanical drafting, Michael continued to impress.  

Prior to graduating from Hamilton High, Michael was awarded an art scholarship, which he politely declined.  That's when I knew I liked him  :-)

In the late 70's, Michael played guitar and wrote lyrics for a band that I'm convinced we should all know by now.  If not for the narcissistic lead singer, a record deal with A&M Records would have been a reality.  

Continuing to chase his desire to create, Michael started designing his own furniture and decor in the Mid 80's, some of which will surely be a part of Marvi Designs.

Michael is a father.  

Michael is a defier of odds.  

Michael is acutely aware of energy.  

To which many people might say "Wow, Michael sounds like a cool guy!"

To which I'd say "Nah, he's way cooler than that!"

Michael and I met a little over 4 years ago, and pretty much by chance.  At the time, each of our circumstances helped with each other's circumstances. Continuing to stay in touch and helping each other through out, our relationship continued to grow.

We'd occasionally get together to share projects each of us were working on.   Occasional meetings turned into weekly meetings.  Weekly meetings turned into weekly shop days.  Shop days turned into us selling at local markets.  And selling at markets turned into us just hanging out, because if markets aren't busy, they're not busy.

Michael and I share more than a few things in common.  Among them ... a deep stubbornness, a dry sense of humor, an honest fascination and admiration of wood, and a desire to create anything, as long as it's our desire to create it.

Beyond Michael's craftsmanship, I appreciate his fellowship, his friendship, his mentorship, his partnership, his non-censorship, his impressive and hilarious ego trips and his total disregard for college scholarships. :-)

Which might draw the question ...

So Ben, what does Michael think about you? 

To which I'd say "You'd have to ask him."

We're both here.  hello@MarviDesigns.com  #AttnMike

If you're still reading this, thank you for your time and engagement.  Michael and I are thankful for everyone who has been a part of our marvi journey. 

To keep up with all things Marvi, give us a follow @MarviDesigns

And #HaveAMarviDay 


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